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Listed on this page below are actual requests for help recently posted (early 2018) on the list-serve of the Spokane Homeless Coalition by case managers working to help people who came to their agencies for assistance. Each posted request appears as it originally appeared, edited only to remove identifying information (to protect privacy). The needs listed here were very real at the time they were posted. We are listing them now in order to ILLUSTRATE the kinds of practical needs and practical service opportunities which arise on a regular basis. In other words, these needs are representative of needs which arise on a regular basis. The list below contains the needs which were posted in just one (1) month! We have added a topic in bold to aid in identifying needs.

Funeral Expenses. I have a client who’s mother just recently passed away. He is unemployed and was living with her to care for her. His girlfriend and 5-month old little girl were also living there. It was a rental and there were no assets put aside for this as it was somewhat sudden, and left his little family scrambling. I noticed SSI would possibly pay out $255; however, the average cost for cremation in our area is between $700-1600. Are there any additional resources that this little family can utilize? They are under severe stress due to possible homelessness and wrapping up his mother’s affairs. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Driver’s License Fee. Does anyone know of a program that assists people with renewing their driver’s license? My client is low income and having a hard time coming up with the renewal fee.
Eye Care/Glasses. I am working with an uninsured patient who is need of an optometrist appointment and prescription glasses. I am familiar with programs that can help with glasses but wasn’t sure about the eye exam. Always appreciate any information you are able to provide!
Household Items. I have a patient who just signed a lease at a new place. He is in need of a bed, linens, dishes, small kitchen items like toaster and cooking utensils, and pots/pans. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!
Home Repair. I have a client that is having some issues getting a window repaired. It was broken by someone outside his home, and he is being held responsible for paying for the repair, he did file a police report for the incident. He is low income and has twins and is not able to afford to pay for the window himself. Are there any resources out there that can help him with this cost?
Housing. I have a client that came in today that has to move and she just broke her arm. She also needs to find a place and has a housing voucher. She is 57 and on disability.
Rental Assistance. Is there any programs that help re-entry clients with rental assistance? I have one that does work, but had a T-Mobile contract that he/she had to get out of due to the cost, an agreement was made between them for 285.00 a pay period to repay but when checking account status they took 980.00 out so now no rent money for June. I don’t want to see them be violated by not being able to pay the rent next month so we’re looking for help now. Any contact information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
A Hospital Bed. Hello, there is a disabled woman who just had a stroke and has multiple therapists coming into her home several times a week, has mobility issues, mental health issues, and a variety of things going on. One of her main needs currently is she needs a bed. She was hoping for a hospital bed. But, at this point, she just needs a good bed. The one she has is absolutely horrible (hard as a rock) and very old. At this time she spends the majority of her time in her bed, so comfort and endurance is of absolute importance. She lives in CDA, she has no way to pick it up. Can anyone help?
Housing. Hello, there is a young man, 20, in need of a 1 bedroom apt. No record of any kind, no pets, non-smoking, no drugs, no alcohol. Works full-time and has a car. He has been thrown out of home suddenly by a stepdad, as they do not get along whatsoever. And it was best for him and for his safety, to just leave instead of staying. This is a great young man who has been searching Craigslist and driving around. I have also called around, but nothing is open in his price range. Anywhere from 400 to the highest of 600. Please send any leads this way!! Thank you all!
Bed, Dresser, Household Items. I have a client who is moving into an apartment next week, she has been homeless for 10 years and has nothing to move into her new apartment with. I will be helping her with lots of essentials, but I looking for a gently used full/double or queen size bed and possibly a dresser. If anyone knows of someone getting rid of either of these items please let me know. You can message me at my direct email.
Wheel Chair. I have a member looking for a lightweight wheelchair. Would anybody have an idea or one they would want to donate?
Moving/Cleaning Help. I have a client looking to sell her condo. She has been hoarding for many years, and the realtor can’t put the property on the market until MUCH has been cleared and cleaned. She is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, a Spokane Valley resident, and she has a fairly good income from retirement and SSI combined.
Double Infant Stroller. I have a single mom in need of a double stroller- a jogger would be preferable, but anything helps. Does anyone know of any resources that can assist?
Rental Assistance. I have a young lady who just finished college and has a job interview today and she is about to be evicted. Her rent amount is 675.00 plus a 50.00 late fee, Please let me know if anyone has any funding sources available to help her out. Thank you for all that you do for our community members. I appreciate it.
Wheel Chair Ramp. I have a client in need of a wheelchair ramp…no money and insurance won’t cover the cost, any help for this need out there?
Job/Housing (Felony Record). Hello, looking for leads to pass to a young man who is homeless, with 2 felonies (7 years ago) for theft and residential burglary. I had seen a prior email about resources for help with jobs, housing, etc, but cannot find it now.
Job/Housing (Felony Record). Is there any agency that works with a felon, (burglary and theft 7 years ago as a teen), to find employment??
Dentures/Dental Care. Is there anywhere for Medicare folks to dentures at little to no cost?
Moving Help. I have a patient that cannot afford their storage unit. I have worked with management and verified if I can find assistance to move the patient out soon he will allow this and not hold the items. Can anyone assist? SUV with large back or truck would work.
Hospice Care for Non-Citizen. I’m hoping you can help me out, this patient’s family came in yesterday. This patient was on alien sponsored insurance because he is dying from cancer, well they termed his insurance and his oncologist said the chemotherapy isn’t working and put him on hospice at home to keep him comfortable until he passes away, I spent almost an hour and a half on the phone trying to get him re-approved, but since he stopped chemo (but since it wasn’t working and the cancer was spreading the oncologist decided to stop treatments), so the Healthcare Authority/ DSHS and HPF can’t do anything. As of right now, the hospice staff has been going to his oncologist to get his morphine etc (meds to keep him comfortable), but they keep asking the family about insurance, he’s not a US citizen so I can’t get him approved on healthplanfinder and Healthcare authority said unless he has a tx plan from the oncologist (basically him continuing chemo) then they can’t help him, but the chemo was causing more pain and his cancer has spread. Do you have any resources, or ideas of where I can start to help this man so he can die peaceful and his family not be even more stressed? I emailed someone at the WA State Health Department today to ask a few questions, my heart just hurts for them and I’m hoping there’s something or someplace out there to help him?
Medical Bed For Elderly. I have an elderly (90) pt. that is in need of a medical bed. He has Premera Medicare Advantage and every vendor we have called either doesn’t take his insurance or the pt. has to pay cash and then bill his insurance himself, he is capable of neither. He is on a very limited income so he can’t afford to pay out of pocket for something his insurance benefits cover. Any suggestions? We have called just about every vendor in town that supplies medical beds.
Yard Work. I have a disabled client looking for assistance with yard work while she is recovering from surgery 8-12 weeks recovery time….mowing, etc. She is receiving SSI, so you all know she has no extra money to hire help.
Homeless Couple/Pregnant. I have a man and pregnant women with a service dog who came in to our church; who have been recently made homeless and living in a tent. This man and women are not married. They were living with his grandmother, who has since passed away and the house has been taken to sale to pay off hospital bills, which left the couple homeless. They are from Virginia. He does have a job as a painter, but the jobs are not consistent and only brings in about $650 if he is lucky. His service dog is not papered from a doctor either.
A Cell Phone. I have a client who is currently homeless, staying at (a shelter). She has recently lost (misplaced) her State SafeLink phone/ SafeLink stated that she is not eligible for a new phone. She has many up-coming appts, medical and others in relation to her achieving greater stability and is in need of a personal phone. She was told that she could go buy a TracFone but has no source of income but is currently applying for the ABD grant. In the meantime, does anyone know of any resource that would have just a simple TracFone that she could have for free?
Rental Deposit Assistance. Does anybody know if there is Rental Deposit Assistance available for families who are currently doubled up?
Counseling. I have a couple in the shelter in need of couples counseling. They are homeless and are dealing with major health, CPS, and relationship issues. Would anyone know of a counseling resource for couples that would be able to take them pro bono?

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