Welcome To “30 Days And 30 Ways”

Welcome to “30 Days And 30 Ways Of Doing Good.” So, what is “30 Days And 30 Ways Of Doing Good”? It’s actually several things.
          A Book. “30 Days And 30 Ways” is a book of daily articles and thoughts about making our community a better place by solving problems, meeting needs, and serving others. The book’s subtitle sums it up this way: “Your 30 Day Guide To Issues, Answers And Serving Others.” The simple goal of the book is to “educate, motivate and inspire” you to meaningfully connect with critical issues, and some of the people affected, throughout our community. The 2018 Spokane Edition contains a month of challenging daily articles by people directly involved in serving the marginalized throughout our community. Each daily reading offers practical action items along with a “Daily Reflection” challenge each of us to a deeper spiritual commitment to serving those in need.
          An On-Going Project. “30 Days And 30 Ways” is an on-going project. Think of it as a work-in-progress. We see the possibility of a regular updated Edition with new articles addressing new issues submitted by new people doing great work and setting great examples of what it means to serve others and solve problems throughout our community. Do you (or your Church, ministry, agency or service organization) have a compelling story of someone you’ve served that illustrates how we can make a difference by serving those in need in our Community? We would love to hear it! Learn how you can submit it to our “Everybody Has A Story” project. We may ask to use it in our next edition of “30 Days And 30 Ways Of Doing Good.”
        A Template. “30 Days And 30 Ways” represents a potential “template” for doing a similar book in other communities (with locally focused articles) which are wrestling with similar issues and are working to mobilize their communities to get involved serving others, solving problems and making their communities a better place to live.
         A Movement. We hope that “30 Days And 30 Ways” will catch on and become the beginning of a grass-roots movement toward greater kindness and good deeds. One of the lessons which emerged during the preparation of this book is a lesson which should be obvious, but often isn’t: It takes a community to solve community issues. No government or single private agency, church, charity or ministry can solve all of the issues, meet all the needs and answer all the challenges “30 Days And 30 Ways” explores: poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, affordable housing, justice, human trafficking, foster care and more. Successfully engaging all of these challenges will require a genuine community response;  a “movement.” And a genuine community response, that becomes a movement, becomes our first challenge.
          Fighting Polarization. We seem to live in a time of growing social polarization. Our social fabric is being violently pulled toward increasingly extreme positions: conservative versus liberal; right versus left; rich versus poor; powerful versus weak; religious versus secular. The best single description of what’s happening is “polarization.” And polarization is the mortal enemy of genuine community. Polarization pushes people apart; community pulls people together. Polarization emphasizes our differences while exploiting our weaknesses for the sake of an agenda; community emphasizes the things we hold in common while utilizing each other’s gifts and uniqueness for the good of the community. And there is no greater sense of community, and no greater opportunity for building genuine community, than the one found in serving one another. As the early Christian community taught, “Each of you has been blessed with one of God’s many wonderful gifts to be used in the service of others. So use your gift well.” (1 Peter 4:10, CEV).
Now is the time to find your gift, and to use it well.

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